Resolving Inflammation-An Update

I recently performed the ‘bleach sniff test’ to evaluate for oxidative tissue damage. The test was positive. The test was negated by cross checking with unsaturated fatty acids and minerals. Exactly which mineral(s) is/are required remains to be determined. But, the positive test was also negated by “therapy localizing” (touching) the Neurolymphatic reflexes for the Stomach, Small Intestine, and the Pancreas, which signifies that these are the organs/glands involved. So, a protocol was followed to alleviate the reaction to the bleach sniff test itself. The full benefit will truly be realized when the fatty acids and necessary mineral(s) are supplemented. However, this is an appropriate interim solution.

I also did some testing using similar methods and found that the Herpes Zoster and Rubella viruses were affecting the Pancreas Neurolymphatic reflex. I plan on further investigating to see if other Neurolymphatic reflexes are being affected. (This was accomplished using homeopathic vials with the viruses in dilutions of 30x.) Unfortunately, I ran out of time to continue this research. I will continue to pursue this (and other) methods of eliminating inflammation and restoring the gut and the immune system to optimal health.

A big thanks goes out to Ian M. for all of his help with this!

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