A very encouraging article

In doing research online for this blog I have found several articles that I have been delighted to stumble upon. This is a very encouraging article. It would suggest that the human body is highly likely to be capable of regenerating/replacing the beta cells of the pancreas. Personally, I had been under the impression for many years that once the beta cells had been destroyed that was the end. It now appears that this is far from true.

So, the question then becomes: what perpetuates the destruction of the beta cells? What is the factor or are the factors that maintain the autoimmune response directed against the beta cells? Is it simply a matter of a leaky gut? Is a combination of leaky gut and continued ingestion of proteins that provoke an immune reaction the answer? Does the issue lie in the realm of gene expression? Perhaps, if you entertained an epigenetic perspective, there is some sort of emotional state or mental trauma that is favoring a certain gene being expressed which may have implications for the immune system ultimately giving rise to the sustained autoimmune eradication of the beta cells? The one thing I do know is that in a laboratory setting the pancreas can regenerate its beta cells. That is very encouraging, indeed.

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  1. Katie says:


    SO well written too. Your last post was fantastic. Great job, Andrew

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