How I will cure myself: An Overview

How does one go about curing the “incurable”? …I don’t know. The answer would preclude the question. That is the funny thing with Type 1 diabetes. No one can state definitively what causes this disease. There are certainly a multitude of strong opinions on the cause(s) of the disease but, at this point, there is no definitive answer. At present, the working theory is that Type 1 diabetes is a result of an autoimmune reaction directed against the beta (insulin producing) cells of the pancreas. It is suspected that this is a result of exposure to (a) food protein(s) with a similar amino acid configuration to that of the beta cells. As a result the body goes about creating antibodies which ultimately destroy the beta cells because they can’t be distinguished from the offending antigens. It is also believed that there is a genetic factor involved and that an infection might be implicated in the initiation of the autoimmune response.

So, I have broken my approach down into two parts: 1) Getting myself back to optimum health and 2) determining the mechanism(s) that set this in motion and making redress.

The first part is reasonably straightforward. I have and will continue to eat in a way that will help me ensure that my GI tract is in optimum health and functioning properly. This, as it continues to become more and more apparent, is of paramount importance. Especially considering that Type 1 diabetes is now being grouped with other conditions such as Crohn’s, IBS, and MS. There has been much speculation with respect to the link between ‘leaky gut’ and Type 1 diabetes (along with the other aforementioned conditions). Naturally, much consideration will be devoted to this so it can be addressed in depth. I recognize that I am unlikely to be the first to decide that eating well is vital. Where I believe my approach differs is in the fact that I have gone about eliminating dairy (milk, butter, milk proteins, etc.), wheat, gluten, gliadin, etc. and other foods that I have found I do not tolerate. (If I am not the only person to take such and approach, I hope that I will discover others who have attempted this and that something useful can be gleaned from shared experience in this specific endeavor.) I have also eliminated soaps, detergents, deodorant, and toothpaste that are laden with chemicals so that my body is able to avoid having to allocate water and liver function to detoxify these things. This should ensure that the GI tract is provided the opportunity to actually heal. I also take probiotics nightly to aid in reestablishing the gut flora that is necessary for proper digestion and vitamin production as well as protecting against unwanted bacteria, fungus and parasites. Ideally, this will enable the intestines to become less permeable, which means undigested proteins and lipids won’t pass into the bloodstream. This is significant because some of the most convincing evidence points to food protein as the key agonist in eliciting the autoimmune response.

The second part is less clear. While I sincerely hope that rejuvenating my GI tract will suffice, that it will resolve the immune interventions directed against my pancreas, it may not be that simple. What then? I suspect that it will be necessary to examine ideas that have not previously been entertained. I have had the privilege of becoming acquainted with many different protocols and methods for assessing and treating dysfunction, whether it be a muscle, joint, organ, etc. I find that Applied Kinesiology is an incredibly useful tool in helping to identify the origins of dysfunction. It employs a number of protocols to assess and treat the body, many of which deal with biochemistry and immune function. It has also been my experience that hypnosis is quite effect in resolving a number of issues, particularly those that have an emotional component to it or are the product of belief or thought patterns. The mind is a very powerful tool and at times can actually work against you in subtle yet powerful ways.

By restoring the proper conditions in the gut, assessing immune and biochemical function and working with the unconscious mind, through these methods I sincerely believe that what I have set out to do can be achieved.

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