Latest HbA1c (Feb. 3, 2011)

So, my HbA1c was “better” this time.  It was 7.0.  Cholesterol and microalbumin were all good.  The problem is, I am anemic.  Mildly, according to the blood work.  But, apparently anemia tampers with the results of an HbA1c reading.  What confounded things was that I have elevated fructosamine.  The HbA1c gives a 3 month average.  Another measure of longer term blood sugar levels is the amount of fructosamine.  It is useful in examining blood sugar levels over a period of a couple of weeks to a month, where the HbA1c provides a marker for blood sugar level over a period of approx. 3 months.
For information on the fructosamine blood test please check out fructosamine.
For info on the HbA1c blood test, the standard test endocrinologists use to track the blood sugars over extended periods, check out HbA1c and eAG blood test.

I should mention that the blood work ordered last time indicated that I was anemic.  This explained a lot as I had decreased energy.  Since that time I have tried to get a healthy, anemia eliminating, dose of iron by eating meats and veg rich in iron and taking ‘Floravit’.  It seems to have partially successful as, according to the dietitian, I am “just slightly” anemic.  I certainly feel much better and have been enjoying a marked increase in my level of energy for a couple months.  What is somewhat puzzling is that my B12 and folate levels are normal.  So, I am now awaiting a meeting with a hematologist to try and figure this one out…

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